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CPC - Emergency Situations and Illegal Trafficking - February 2022

Duration 7 Hours

Price: £From £43.40 pp

CPC - Emergency Situations and Illegal Trafficking - February 2022

Aim: Provide the learner with the confidence and skills to manage an emergency situation in the event of a; Road traffic incident, Injury following an incident or agressive behavouir and conflict. Provide the learner knowledge and advice on how they can avoid Illegal trafficking of Drugs, people and illicit goods. How crime can affect transport operations and what they can do to reduce and avoid these costs. What action drivers can take to when it comes to the security of vehicle and loads.


By the end of the session the learner will understand;

  • The costs of road traffic incidents.
  • How to reduce RTI's.
  • Understanding risk and speed.
  • Risks to the driver.
  • Procedures following an RTI.
  • How to deal with breakdowns in dangerous situations.
  • How to cope with a seriously ill passenger.
  • Reporting RTI procedures.
  • Dealing with aggressive customers.
  • Managing the school run.
  • Road rage.
  • Illegal trafficking.


Qualification: 1 module toward DCPC card


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