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Midazolan and VNS Training- Call to enquire

Duration 3 Hours

Price: £From £63.00 pp

Midazolan and VNS Training- Call to enquire

This Course has been written and delivered by a trained Paramedic, best practice and guidelines for training professional career in the administration of Buccal (oromucosal) midazolam. These are big and complex words and we will start to understand what they mean. VNS – overview and training VNS therapy involves a small electrical device, like a pacemaker, which is implanted under the skin of a persons chest. The device sends electrical impulses to their brain through a nerve in their neck called the vagus nerve. The aim is to reduce the number of seizures they have and make them less severe The benefits of VNS can include the following: Having fewer seizures Having less severe seizures or shorter seizures Possibly less epilepsy medicine Having improved quality of life


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In the Workplace

On the 1st of October 2009, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) implemented new rules for employers on first aid at work. Employers must by law carry out a first aid training needs assessment.

If you are not sure what training you need to meet your legal requirements, we can help.

Simply enter a few details about your workplace in our online requirements calculator and find out immediately what first aid training you need to meet your legal requirements.

First aid requirements calculator
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